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What's Your Risk Number? Find Out

We believe investor behavior is one of the most important factors in successfully achieving your financial goals. Most simply put, how do you react to volatility and uncertainty in financial markets? We want to reduce the fear investors may face in difficult markets, which may become more pronounced as you get closer to retirement or your children get closer to needing their college funds. We can help you determine your risk number through Riskalyze, then implement a strategy for your investments that corresponds to your personal risk number. We can stress test portfolios for different market events, including bear markets or periods of higher interest rates. Riskalyze produces a 95% probability for the range, both positive and negative, of your portfolio’s potential performance in any given 6-month timeframe. This might help investors stay-the-course in difficult times, stick to their plan and remember that we expect to go through periods of down markets and volatility.

If you would like to see what your current portfolio’s risk number is, we can show you! Take the quiz below to find your risk number.